४ कार्तिक २०७७, मंगलवार ०४:१४   574 पटक हेरिएको

When volcano blasts,

Power comes brother,

Unemployment shows his capacity,

And poor also reads !!

When volcano blasts, T

raitors sleep in Madhesh,

Martyrs laugh at timid,

Because death penalty lasts !!

When volcano blasts, Terrible frustration disappears,

Sun again comes from East,

And life blooms and smiles, brother !!

So, “Unite all the Janatantrawadi, revolutionary and freedom lover people to form Janatantrik Nepal Rastra” !! Jay Kranti !! Jay Janta Jay Janatantra !!

By, Dr. Manoj Mukti “Vivek”

(Dr. Manoj Kumar Jha)

President Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha

तपाईको प्रतिक्रिया

सर्वाधिक पढिएको

ताजा अपडेट